About Bende

Map of Bende

With an area of 601km2,
Bende is the biggest local
government in Abia;

a largely agrarian community, with the potential to produce at a commercial scale to feed the nation and also export.

At the widely disputed population census of 2006 the population of Bende was placed at 192,621 and projected to reach 252,300 in 2016.
Bende’s unofficial population however stands at

over 500,000

Bende is blessed with fertile, arable land as well as an

abundance of untapped natural
resources like Salt, Gold,
Phosphate, Laterite Gravel,
Lime Stone and even Crude Oil.

It is one of the three
agricultural backbones
of Abia state.

The people cultivate rice, yam, cassava, coco yam, cocoa, okra, corn and harvest palm oil for commercial and personal consumption.