BenKalu’s Free Cassava Processing Program – Amaokwe, Amaeke, Apuanu

With an area of 601km2, Bende is the biggest local government in Abia; a largely agrarian community, with the potential to produce at a commercial scale to feed the nation and also export. Bende is blessed with fertile, arable land and is one of the three agricultural backbones of Abia state. The people cultivate rice, yam, cassava, coco yam, cocoa, okra, corn and harvest palm oil for commercial and personal consumption.
One of the objectives of Hon. Benjamin Kalu’s (BenKalu) representation is to stimulate large scale farming and processing, ensuring that Bende becomes a major exporter of agricultural produce

and ensuring that farmers’ harvests are not allowed to rot in the barns but instead expediently processed into valuable by-products and commodities. In furtherance of this, BenKalu, on January 24, 2019 rolled out a free cassava processing program for Item people as part of measures to ease their burden in processing the staple food. The project kicked off in Amaokwe, Amaeke and Apuanu Item is expected to go around the nine villages that make up Item in Bende local government Area of Abia State.


BenKalu’s Free Cassava Processing Program


Item, Bende Federal Constituency

What We Did

Rolled out free cassava processing programs for all of Item

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