December 25, 2019 (My Letter to the People of Bende)

December 25, 2019

My Letter to the People of Bende


Dear People of Bende,

It has been a while since you last heard from me through my usual letters. The reason is not far-fetched; I have been dragged from one court to another after my successful election at the polls. I was dragged to the tribunal and from there to appeal in an election petition which just ended not too long ago, leaving me with less amount of time to interact with you my constituents the way I would have loved to. But just like I promised in my previous letters we overcame, thanks to your fervent prayers for me.

Today I wish you merry Christmas and happy holidays though mine is celebrated with mixed feelings because one of the major leaders of our people is not within our reach to share the happy moments with. However, we are keeping hope alive that after every rain comes the sunshine. We remain hopeful since it is not strange for leaders to go through moments like this.

We will remain together praying for God’s mercy to triumph over judgment. Events of the present should not divide or separate us from the political philosophy of regional socio-political and economic integration. Let us not be despondent. Let us be forward looking to 2020, the beginning of a new decade that promises the freedom that we seek from all that hold us down. I pledge not to focus on our losses but preserve what we have gained with the desire to enlarge it for the benefit of ndi Bende. Soon the federal constituency will feel the impacts of what we have been working on behind the curtains in-line with our campaign promises to change the dynamics.

You are welcome to attend my 180-days-in-office town hall meeting on 29th December where the report card of our activities will be tendered to the people of Bende.

God bless Bende Federal Constituency, God bless Abia State and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours sincerely,

Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu (MHR)

9th Federal House of Representatives
Bende Federal Constituency


March 20, 2019 (A Big Thank You)

March 20, 2019

My Letter to the People of Bende - A Big Thank You


Dear People of Bende,

I am sure this letter has been expected a while ago. I was waiting for the Certificate of Return from INEC before sending it out. As you all know, the election was like the examination while the Certificate of Return remains the evidence of successful outing. Without the Certificate, I had considered it too early in the day to start celebrating.

Talking about elections in Bende Federal Constituency, many wondered whether a time would come when their votes will count. This has questioned democracy so greatly that a few developed apathy towards exercising their franchise.

On the 23rd of March 2019, many of you overcame their fears, indifference, nonchalant attitude and doubt among others to stand under the rain, lined up in front of ballot boxes across 191 polling units and other voting points. It was possible only because you believed in the difference you so much desired, whose time has come and you chose to play a role in making this history. Thank You!

On my way to cast my vote, I saw the faces of both the old and young, educated and uneducated , employed and unemployed, rich and poor, able bodied and physically challenged, members of APC, PDP , APGA and other political parties with one message in their eyes; the need for a change. A message that was beyond the Party manifestos, symbols or flag colours. It was the message of the “ PEOPLE OF BENDE”. Remember, that;

we were first Bende people (brothers) with similar needs and yearnings, before we became politicians.

For Seventeen years, I have sought to be hired as the people’s messenger without relenting but pushing against the cynicism of the cynical, the fearfulness of the afraid and the doubt of the doubtful to keep hope alive for Bende. Truly, it has been a long road, gladly because you held my hand, the destination is now in view. It is a rebirth for Bende Federal Constituency. You won!

In less than 24 hours after the declaration of our victory, Comrade Emma Ugbaja, one of the national leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress, who was also the candidate of APGA called and equally sent a letter congratulating us for putting up a good fight. This man was a decent fighter and all through the campaign we showed each other a strong mutual respect. Comrade Emma is a community man who believes in a better Bende and I will be working with him for the growth of Bende. He has promised to be my host in Abuja on arrival for my duties.

I celebrate Dr. Charles Chukwunaru, a seasoned adviser to the 6th and 7th Assembly of the senate, a lecturer of repute and a candidate of YPP in the last House of Representatives elections for immediately celebrating our victory and sending in a congratulatory message to that effect.

These are good heads and good hands that will partner with me to move Bende forward and because we all love Bende equally, there will be a lot to do together for her for none of us is greater than the rest. We won equally when Bende won.

To the Senator (Elect), Abia North Senatorial District and our Senate President hopeful, who stood by the equitable distribution of power in Bende as a strategic tool for the unity and growth of our place, I am very grateful. Many waters could not quench your strong decision as the leader of the Party to do the right thing. Dr. Orji Kalu stood firm despite all pressure and offers. If that is not integrity, the true test of good leadership, I wonder what is. Thanks for showing we can depend on you. You have honoured loyalty and such honour has a life long reward. Ikwuishi will not forget in a hurry .

The leader in Bende in the person of DIG Azubuko Udah (Rtd), you were firm in what you wanted for your people of Ikwuishi and you went about it the right way at all times. An honest man indeed. Oteteukwu we are grateful. You spent personal income for this to happen, we will not fail you.

It would have been a mission impossible, without the support of my best partner in the last 14 years, a solid back bone, the Strongest woman at the home front, the power bank of my family, my wife, Dr(Mrs) Ezinne Chinyere Benjamin Kalu. The hand behind the curtain, hardly in the public eyes busy with her medical career that opponents started thinking she was not there.

Stephanie, Benjamin Jr. , Angelique, Gabriella and the new King David. I love you all for understanding why Daddy had to be away some times. Your reports have made me proud and I am indebted to you more than ever.

To my Big brother and wife Dr and Dr Mrs Obi and Obi jr. Esq. Dede Ibe, Sis Vicky, Sis Joy and Dr. Onyii, to Ugochukwu, Chioma, Tony Kalu and Dee Felix, Dee Chinedu, I am very grateful for the support.

To Hon. Emmanual Trump Eke, my campaign Director General, my own brother who worked beyond his own limitations and pushed to the end believing in the project. Dependable ally of mine.

To the heads and members of various committees too numerous to mention, we pulled together the best brains and hands from all walks of life to birth the formidable team that birthed this victory. Bende has not seen it like this before. You were honest, diligent, committed and sacrificed a lot ignoring all offers to sell out. You are the best.

I am of the church and they came rallying around me with prayers and various supports to enthrone righteousness for the people to rejoice . You all may not want to be publicly mentioned, but you know your selves and the roles you played . All the prayers were not in vain . This partnership was not to win election only but to sustain God’s righteousness on the throne for all the days I will be there. Please let’s keep the partnership . Specific mention of BenKalu committee of friends from all walks of life and spread across all continents of the world, who pulled resources , funds , ideas etc to make this happen. I treasure your friendship of 27-30 years.

To the traditional Rulers all over Bende Federal Constituency, you are highly dependable and good fathers of democracy in Bende. You kept your words and I shall keep mine . In the next four years you will feel the difference in your welfare as the custodians of our culture and the instruments of peace and unity across Bende. You have honoured me despite all odds and I will honour you . I look forward to working closely and respectfully with you. I am your son.

As an advocate of the strength in the “people’s “ element found in the definition of democracy, this victory is for the people, not for a few people , not certain people but all the people of Bende. It has never been about me . The reason you chose me, not money, not fancy gifts, not luxurious campaign events at choice centres, not associated big national names, not “billionaires “ club members , but in the obvious intention of my candidacy, found in the simplicity of my character, competence, courage and compassionate care for the people .

These were your motivation not only to donate your precious time (like my friends Chief Ikenna Ariwodo who left Japan for months for this and Chief Daniel Akwari who left South Africa for months), but to add your materials , finances and voices .

You gave and gave and I was shocked from the unexpected corners they were coming from . I saw those I thought I should be giving donate towards good governance , too many to mention. You made it the people’s project and as promised, all your penny counted and was invested in the project. So tempted to mention your names but like you requested, I will keep it just close to my heart and see it as a gift to the people of Bende. The finance committee will forward you the financials soon with our thank you letter.

This was your project, this is your victory, the government will be yours as well. I am aware that your sacrifice was beyond our winning at the polls and just like I have always said “ I am a failure if all I do is win at the polls, our victory is when we win over the daily challenges of our people, if not all, at least some”.

These challenges exist in the gaps in our laws which need to be fixed to birth good governance policies for national growth, they are all around the people of Bende who are daily faced with just basic needs which today appear a luxury only to be afforded by the advantageous few. It ought not to be so and about to change .

It may not be sunshine from day one, for we are not magicians, although strategist we may claim and it is with this tool that foundations for proper representation would be laid for our development and growth. We will fight harder and dig deeper for solutions to our needs, I am hopeful that it is doable if we keep partnering. Definitely, there will be giants on our way to hinder but God will again give us the victory .

During my campaign, I had promised you a periodic town hall meetings for us to interface with each other on our strengths and weaknesses. I intend to sustain this and promise to remain honest and transparent. Your role is to constructively criticise when needed, to speak up your disagreement with our approach and to proffer workable solutions when called upon. You are a part of this representation, so don’t just retire home claiming we have won for that is not enough to bring the needed difference . I present to you a new dynamics towards good representation that involves you at the Center. It will be effective if you take my hand of partnership today as usual and always .

The sacrifice will continue the service will continue, the selflessness, the patriotism that will look at Bende as that which is beyond us, are on the list of my expectations of you.

You have a role to play in bridging the gaps created by political parties among us . You have to believe in unity ( spirit of Ubuntu ) for this position is for all irrespective of party affiliation, association or creed. Let’s unite Bende for growth.

I am aware in the course of the campaign we may have unknowingly offended some who have refused to give us their support, to them I sincerely apologise . Forgive our mistakes and excesses and kindly don’t take our direct actions or that of our supporters personal for there is no reason to disrespect or offend you due to politics . We are not that desperate.

We may not always agree but that’s okay because there he beauty of democracy lies . I need you to help me while in office for that’s the only way to serve you right . Accept my hand of fellowship and let’s do the walk . Invite me and I will come , visit me and my door will be open, call me and I will answer. Bende is need of your participation in this representation.

To the security agents and Bende youths under the management of four great brothers of mine Cy Kwubiri, Arch. Chibuzor, Henry Chimbuo and Ekubi, you did a good job in securing Bende and the environs during the elections. Thanks for saying no to politicians importing tugs to disturb the peace of the LGA. Glad they could not buy you over, glad you stood your ground, glad you waited and followed till the end.

They boasted before the public debate but we overcame, the bragged before the election trusting in their arms of flesh, it failed them . They threatened they will stop our certificate of Return and we went back to God in prayers and He told us the battle is His. We are hearing rumours of war of litigations against our victory, we shall equally overcome and keep on marching forward. The blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow . We shall stand still and see our salvation for the Egyptians we see today we shall see no more after this round . I urge all to remain strong for it is of Him that showers Mercy.

There is so much to be done, we shall remain focussed and not distracted for this too shall pass.

Join me as I scout for opportunities and prosperity in peace and unity for our people and nation.
Once again I am grateful and thank you immensely for voting for me in the last elections.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless the Government of Abia State, God bless Bende Federal Constituency.

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Okezie Kalu Esq.

Member (Elect)
9th Federal House of Representatives
Bende Federal Constituency


Nov. 19, 2018 (My Letter to the People of Bende)

19th November,2018

My Letter to the People of Bende


Dear People of Bende,

As family and friends you have walked with me from being an aspirant to becoming the candidate of my political Party (APC ) for the office of the House of Representatives, Bende Federal Constituency in the coming 2019 general elections . I am confident that by holding my hand the way you have done through prayers, donations, advice, consultations, guidance, sacrifice, understanding and availability, together we will make a confident , courageous, competent , caring , community man with character , integrity, capacity and love for God and humanity, the next Member of the House of Representatives, for Bende Federal Constituency .

This is not because other candidates are not good but because I am better and Ben Brings the Best. Over the years I have been well cooked for this service and you cannot compare the sweetest most fanciful fast food no matter how fresh, to your mother’s soup . I am your mother’s soup and with me your hunger for what is desired for growth is satisfied. For all the needed ingredient were considered and used in packaging, what Bende is about to taste in good Representation anchored on the people and their communities. I am not a fast food hurriedly made as a quick fix to our many years of hunger.

Bende is the mother, the soup is Ben , as a member of the Bende family either by consanguinity or affinity, you have a role to play, which is to serve this soup ( me) to as many people as possible that have longed for good representation. I am bringing the best taste to governance similar to what I have enjoyed all around the world in my life sojourn. Tell them I don’t only smell nice, I taste good , that I don’t only taste good , I am nutritious for growth . Tell others that there is a space for every one and it will be enough for each and every one of us because I will be available and as regular as a three square meals. Tell others to tell others that the soup is ready to be served and our hunger for a better representation will soon be a thing of the past.

You are the god fathers and god mothers they talked about because I am your son and I belong to all of you just like I have been yours in the last 17 years of being among you. You are my brothers and my sisters because I love you and genuinely wish a better life for you, the reason I have consistently pursued my dreams to make an impact among you and thank God the time has finally come.

I cannot pay for all your time and sacrifices because I am not that rich , may not even be able to compare with the pockets of other aspirants because I have never stolen in any way directly or indirectly from the common wealth of this nation. Guess what ? That does not trouble me because it is not men of the pockets that rule the world but men of ideas . Thank God I am wealthy with ideas sufficient enough to lead not rule my Federal Constituency . Please do not compare me with others in terms of who is capable of buying the constituents private jets during campaigns, plucking the moon from the skies or mining the diamonds for each voter , look beyond the election victory . Rather compare the content of our character, the consistency of our courage , the reliability of our competence, the capacity to represent and most of all our fear for God and love for humanity . I will not fail you in these areas .Victory for me is when we have worked together to over the challenges of our people because that’s what really matters at the end.

My campaign shall be funded not by my self alone or by any single individual for I will not allow that, but by every common man in Bende and outside Bende in support of true democracy , good governance and the importance of equity as a balancing act in the distribution of powers for peaceful cohabitation of brothers . Yes ! Am humble enough to ask for your penny and your Naira , your cents and your dollars to help a good man lead a people desiring quality representation. That way the people will be in control of who represents them . Therefore, feel free to reach out to our campaign team to sponsor a thing or two and we will be grateful for helping our people, because this sincerely speaking is not about Benjamin Kalu or his family it is about the PEOPLE OF BENDE. We shall account for every penny donated to this project and we will not be wasteful and if there is any balance , you will unanimously choose from our list of community projects to invest the excess for the people. it is all about the people.

To the true disciples of democracy, all pro groups, friends of Bende groups etc I am proud of what you have achieved so far in this project from around the world, do not be weary of well doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not. It shall come from God and others even if not from me , but am sure I will make you proud on the floor of the National Assembly with laws that will make our nation a better place for us.

I am in tune with what is expected of this office ; the legislative functions, the representative functions and the oversight functions and Bende will be proud they sent one of their best as a messenger with a message. ( watch out for my abridged manifesto on our website soon for more specific details ). The lawyer in me trained in the art of legal drafting will be valuable to my legislative duties . On representative duties, You cannot represent those you don’t know, I know my people well , I was born among them and grew up among them , I know their needs and how to present them before the National Assembly . To carry an over sight demands knowledge and experience, this is where my private and public sector experience will play a major role, I know what to expect in any of the assignments to over see the activities of the concerned organisation .

While I thank the effort of my great party , I wish to encourage the teaming members to look beyond the party to embrace good ideas and supports that will help us win. It is only people that will get us to the “next level “ , let’s make this campaign all about the people , all about issues and less about attacking opponents and damaging their character . Character is every thing try to preserve it because on it lies the confidence of the people we want to lead . Yes I am aware that in the bid to sell their candidates the supporters of the opponents will cross the line and attempt to cast aspersions on our integrity, do not worry for I have lived among you from childhood till date and am sure most of you can describe me just by my shadow , we know ourselves .

We will give this campaign every force and energy it deserves, we are marching forward with strength equipped by the instrument of equity which cries to the high heavens that our Umunna ( Bende North ) brothers have held this position for 16 years and are now vehemently supporting for their brothers from Ikwuishi ( Bende South) to have it even only for a season . This is the voice of a just balance , for an unjust weight is an abomination unto the lord . Bende is about to be balanced because equity says it is turn by turn ( nmanu akara di uto, onye ratu ibeya aratu kwa), God has turned and turned till it has become our turn . It shall be a peaceful purposeful, issue based campaign. Say no to violence because we were first brothers before we became politicians and we will be brothers after politics .

Thank you and God bless the great people of Item Okpi, the great minds of Igbere, the strength Bende found in Ugwueke Ezeukwu, the courage of the Alayi oke mba, the Ozuitem nde muru nne nnam, the Umuhu Ezechi , the land of my great friends, Uzuakoli the Central city of Bende, home of my allies , Umuimenyi Nkpa, the biggest single ward in Nigeria ( three LGAs in one, the “deciding factor”) , Itumbauzo my next home of dependable people and finally the Ancient town of Bende the land of my birth.

Maka odinma Bende 2019 Join me and I will take you there.

Yours Faithfully,

Benjamin Okezie Kalu

APC Candidate
Bende Federal House of Representatives 2019